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#1 Selling Diamond Mining eBook

"How to Find Diamonds"

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ebook Includes

  • How To Locate Diamond Deposits Around Prehistoric Kimberlite Pipes, Rivers and Streams.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Use The Elite Miner's Club Gravel Processing System
  • Tips On How To Identify A Diamond Out In The Field.
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Kyle S. Kyle S. , Author of “How to Find Diamonds”

Through the long hours and plenty of mistakes made along the way, I created a system that produced on average of 1 diamond for every 30 buckets of diamond bearing gravel processed.

The same can be done for you by following the Elite Miner's Club unique formula found in the eBook “How to Find Diamonds.”

Down below you'll find what others are saying about this little gem of a book!  Lol..

John B. John B., From Cleveland, OH

A huge thank you to for teaching me how to find my first diamond.  The eBook “How to Find Diamonds” and its gravel processing system laid out the groundwork for me to follow and it worked.

Mark A. Mark A., From Cody, WY

I found your eBook online while I was reading a geological forum about precious minerals in Colorado.  I took the family on a trip down to the boarder to pan for gold and test out the techniques for finding diamonds along rivers systems.

Not only does the system find diamonds, but we were able to locate a bit of gold with it as well.  Well done Kyle!

April T. April T., From Little Rock, AR

After reading your book, my son and I took a day trip to Southwest Arkansas and found a 15pt. white diamond.  The pictures highlighted in the eBook helped us out a lot.  Thank you! - Prospector Joe

Prospector Joe How to Find Diamonds Ebook