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"How to Find Diamonds"

eBook Includes

  • How to locate diamond deposits around prehistoric Kimberlite Pipes, Rivers and Streams.
  • Instructions on how to use the Elite Miner's Club "Gravel Processing System", step-by-step.
  • Bonus tips on how to identify a diamond out in the field.
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  • A huge thank you to for teaching me how to find my first diamond.  The eBook “How to Find Diamonds” and its gravel processing system laid out the groundwork for me to follow and it works!
    John B. From Cleveland, OH
  • I found your eBook online while I was reading a geological forum about precious minerals in Colorado.  I took the family on a trip down to the boarder to pan for gold and test out your techniques. Not only does the system find diamonds, but we were able to locate a bit of gold with it as well.  Well done Kyle!
    Mark A. From Cody, WY
  • After reading your book, my son and I took a day trip to Southwest Arkansas and found a 15 pt. white diamond.  The pictures highlighted in the eBook helped us out a lot.  Thanks a bunch!
    April T. From Little Rock, AR - Prospector Joe

Prospector Joe - Mining Willy

Mining Willy

My personal treasure hunting story

Kyle Sisson Kyle Sisson , Author of “How to Find Diamonds”

From a young age, like most children with big imaginations, I always had a passion for seeking adventures beyond the wheat fields of the Western Plains of Kansas.

I constantly daydreamed about adventures of me finding lost jungle civilizations, or solving mysteries of stolen wagon coaches filled with lost treasures never to be found till this day. It was these types of stories and others that stayed close to my heart with a passive urge to one day set out on a real treasure adventure.

In the Spring of 2016, I found my opportunity for a treasure hunt. So, I packed up my vehicle and headed down south to learn how to mine for genuine Arkansas diamonds.

The joy and excitement I was getting from mining for diamonds motivated me to start recording this knowledge into this practical guide for others to have the same opportunity to learn how to find diamonds.

I spent the rest of 2016 field testing, and learning about the geology of the rocks and soil diamonds originate in. Out of the long hours and plenty of mistakes that I made along the way, a diamond processing system was formed.

Within a few weeks of using this process, other people started to take notice that I was doing something systematically different then everyone else. I found myself being routinely stopped and asked questions about what I knew on the topic of diamonds and what process I was using to find them.

Well, luck is on your side, because once you’re done reading this book, you too will have your answers to those same questions and much more.

Limited time only $6.99!!
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